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Riblet Service Bulletins

The Riblet Tramway Company issues Service Bulletins from time to time, to assist Riblet customers in the safe and efficient operation of their Riblet Chairlifts and other products. Riblet's first Service Bulletin, at the time called a "service letter", was issued in 1963. In October of 1979, the National Ski Areas Association distributed a recommended format for the preparation and issuance of service bulletins. Since October of 1979, Riblet Service Bulletins have followed that format, with one exception: Riblet Service Bulletins are issued by the company, not by an individual, and as such they are generally not signed by an individual.

Riblet Service Bulletins are dated with the issuance date, and are identified by the heading "Service Bulletin #YYYY-NNN", where YYYY is the year of issue and NNN is a sequential number, which started with Service Bulletin #1963-1. Following the issuance date, heading, and Service Bulletin number are:

Applicability:            This is the Riblet product to which the Service Bulletin applies.

Subject:                     The subject of the Service Bulletin, which may be a specific part, procedure, etc.

Compliance:            There are three classifications of required compliance:




As an aid to help identify the action required, Service Bulletins, when originally issued, and their mailing envelopes are stamped with the compliance classification, in Red, Orange, or Green, respectively. Where necessary, Service Bulletins are sent by Certified Mail. Service Bulletins, when copied, faxed or e-mailed, or when sent on request, are not identified by the colored stamp.

A few Service Bulletins are Applicable to "All Riblet and other chairlifts using....", or similar wording. Most, however, are applicable only to "...Riblet chairlifts..." A Riblet Chairlift is a chairlift that was originally engineered and furnished by the Riblet Tramway Company, is in the location where it was originally installed, and which has not been modified, relocated, or altered by others without the authorization and written approval of the Riblet Tramway Company.

There are many chairlifts which, though they may consist entirely or partially of components originally supplied by the Riblet Tramway Company, are not "Riblet" chairlifts. Such chairlifts may have been relocated, with engineering services furnished by others, they may be chairlifts originally designed and furnished by Riblet but modified or altered by others (with or without engineering services furnished by others), or they may be chairlifts designed by others using collections of components including some components originally sold by Riblet. The Riblet Tramway Company has no way of knowing whether Riblet Service Bulletins apply to such lifts. Indeed, we may not know of the existence of such lifts.


  • There are a few gaps in the Riblet Service Bulletin numbering system, where a number may have been assigned, but no Service Bulletin issued.
  • Not all Riblet Service Bulletins apply to all Riblet chairlifts.
  • Some Service Bulletins have been superceded by later Service Bulletins.
  • A letter appended to a service bulletin indicates a minor revision or correction. The revision date will be shown below the issue date on the bulletin, but the "year" portion of the SB number will not change.

Keeping the above in mind, following is a list of some of our more generally applicable service bulletins, in ".pdf" format. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, it's available free on the Adobe website (see link below). Click on the Service Bulletin Number to view the Bulletin. Most load fairly quickly, but be patient. Use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page.

Service Bulletin No. Compliance              Description
2003-141 General Drive Sheave Brake Valve (faster retract for weight-set hydraulic master/slave).
2003-140A General Chair Clip Relocation Interval Policy
2003-139 Preventive Chair Clearance Issues.
2002-138 Preventive Optional brake pressure relief valve.
2000-137 Preventive Software Security.
2000-136 Preventive Periodic insp. & testing of Riblet chair hangers, supercedes 1984-108 and 1990-123.
2000-135 Preventive Periodic insp. & testing of Riblet insert chair clips, supercedes 1984-105, 1984-107, & 1988-118.
1996-133 Immed. Act. Inspection of Flanges and Welds (tower bases using "flat plate" flanges).
1993-131 Preventive Brake Test Procedure and Frequency.
1993-129 Preventive Replace Chair Damper Roll Pins
1993-128 Immed. Act. Inspect Chair Damper Roll Pins
1993-127 Immed. Act. Tension-Drive Strut
1991-126 Preventive Formsprag Drive Train Backstop

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